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Odor Control

Integrating Lagoon Technologies to Solve Every Treatment Challenge from Influent to Effluent

Foul odors are commonplace at many wastewater treatment plants. The odors originate as the organics in the wastewater break down, releasing odors that can be detected even at extremely low concentrations. Covering tanks, basins, and/or lagoons with high-quality covers is often the best solution for reliable odor control. LET has a number of innovative and low maintenance cover solutions for municipal and industrial clients to address a variety of odor control/reduction applications.

The high-quality, durable cover technologies from LET are easy to install and simple to operate and are perfect for municipal or industrial waste storage applications such as sludge digestion, manure storage pits, rendering waste, or other agricultural waste. By preventing the diffusion of odor vapors into the air, odors are kept in control to minimize complaints from the community and impacts to plant workers as well.

In addition to LET’s innovative cover systems, proper aeration and ensuring that the wastewater treatment design is meeting the current needs or parameters of a plant experiencing odor issues are all considered when determining the right solution for our clients on a case-by-base basis for their unique needs and challenges.

Expertise as a leader in this industry for 30+ years, an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies and a groundbreaking approach set LET apart by delivering optimized solutions for wastewater applications including Odor Control to meet clients’ objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

We maximize LET’s innovative technologies as stand-alone solutions or use the Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach to design and create the best process with technologies integrated as components that successfully meet every challenge from influent to effluent.

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