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The City of Gering – Gering, NE


The City of Gering


Gering, NE


Heat retention and odor control are critical aspects of effective wastewater treatment. The City of Gering, located in central Nebraska, had a cover on its treatment lagoon system to help provide heat retention in the winter months and odor control in the summer. However, the aging covers had numerous problems including excessive plant growth, ponding and sagging. The covers also required heavy equipment for any repairs that were needed. The City turned to LET to design, fabricate and supply a more effective cover solution.


LemTec™ Modular Insulated Covers are designed to cover aerated and non-aerated ponds, basins and tanks. The cover consists of individual casings, welded together during installation to form a complete cover over the liquid in a basin. Each individual casing is comprised of closed-cell insulation sealed between two sheets of durable geomembrane. Most covers are held in place by a HDPE anchor skirt welded to the cover and anchored into trench around the cover perimeter.

In addition, the LemTec™ Modular Insulated Cover is unaffected by rain or snow accumulation and gaseous byproducts, which may form under its surface. The cover’s unique layout allows water to pass between casings and gases to escape. Some of the casings contain insulation of sufficient buoyancy to provide enough support for 1-2 persons to walk on, enabling access to submerged equipment and ease of repairs.


The LemTec™ Modular Insulated Cover installed at Gering provides a number of significant advantages over the previous cover system. These include insulation against heat loss, reduction of odor emission, and controlling algae growth. Additionally, the design of the cover system makes operational and maintenance activities such as vegetation removal easier, more manageable, and less reliant on heavy equipment. With a 20 year life expectancy, the LemTec™ Modular Insulated Cover will provide years of service.

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