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Algae Reduction & Prevention

Integrating Lagoon Technologies to Solve Every Treatment Challenge from Influent to Effluent

Algae growth in tanks or lagoons can cause a number of problems including elevating TSS levels above permissible limits and turning the color of the water into an aesthetically unappealing green. Increased levels of TSS or BOD of effluent water cause false high levels in final effluent permits. Excess Algae negatively affects pH levels of the water, damaging the aquatic environment’s ecosystem. Nuisance surface scum can take over the surface of a lagoon, causing increased levels of TSS that also ensure effluent limits are unable to be met. In addition to increased cleaning and equipment maintenance, which costs time and money, excess algae can affect other mechanics and operations such as disinfecting equipment downstream. 

LemTec™ Cover solutions prevent algae growth by eliminating sunlight below the covers. Since algae are photosynthetic organisms, they require sunlight as an energy source. If the light source for photosynthesis is eliminated, algae will not be able to grow. Our cover systems provide a simple method of controlling algae growth without the need for complicated equipment or chemicals. 

Expertise as a leader in this industry for 30+ years, an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies and a groundbreaking approach set LET apart by delivering optimized solutions for wastewater applications including algae reduction and prevention to meet clients’ objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. We maximize LET’s innovative technologies as stand-alone solutions or use the Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach to design and create the best process with technologies integrated as components that successfully meet every challenge from influent to effluent.