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LemTec™ Segmented Cover

Technically superior design with interlocking edges with a cross-buttress design, LET’s segmented technology deliver cover solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

LET Segmented Floating Cover Systems are comprised of durable discs that are engineered for floating stability. This innovative cover system incorporates specially engineered hexagonal discs with interlocking edges that are designed with a buttressed profile which allows for self-leveling, adjustment and dispersion. This stand-alone technology offers our customers optimal surface area coverage and durability, and effectively addresses common issues found in all forms of basins, tanks, reservoirs and holding ponds.

Segmented Floating Cover System

This innovative lagoon and tank technology represents a new benchmark in low maintenance with virtually no install or maintenance costs. The segmented floating cover is a simple, cost-effective solution when the project objectives don’t necessitate compatibility to a customized LET treatment system.

Segmented Floating Cover System

Installation and Adaptability Made Easy

When deployed, LET’s segmented floating cover system discs distribute themselves across the water surface to easily accommodate any basin equipment, piping, or water fluctuations. This system is exceptionally quick and easy to install, with self-leveling and self-positioning discs that can be installed in both full and empty basins. Once the floating segmented cover has installed itself across the water surface, the system then adjusts for any irregularities, delivering up to 99% surface coverage.

State-of-the-Art Solution for Liquids of All Kinds

The LET Segmented Floating Cover System delivers the solution for issues many of our clients face including odor and algae control, prevention of heat loss and evaporation, emission reduction, and deterring birds or other wildlife from the site. This state-of-the-art floating cover technology is chemically compatible with almost every kind of liquid, addressing the needs of our varied clientele whether their needs involve domestic wastewater, storm water, slurry, leachate, chemicals, or oil and gas waste and byproduct.


LET is committed to continuously advancing wastewater treatment processes and related technologies, including the LET Segmented Floating Cover System. We accomplish this by continuously improving and expanding upon our treatment designs and service offerings. Our “Circle of Innovation” philosophy ensures that the needs of our clients are met efficiently, effectively and cost-consciously as we work together with our municipal and industrial clients, protecting water resources now and for future generations.

“The individual tiles disperse across the entire surface and align themselves to form a free floating cover that requires no maintenance or upkeep. Our experience leads us to believe that this (segmented floating) cover is virtually indestructible.”

R. H. Owatonna, MN – LET Client

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