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LemTec™ Hydraulic Baffle System

Creating flow patterns to guide wastewater from influent source to effluent outlet for improved aeration and settling capabilities.

The LemTec™ Hydraulic Baffle System was the first of its kind! LET developed and began integrating reverse mitered baffle technology into our wastewater treatment process designs to address common issues such as short circuiting and to achieve optimal results for our clients. Resistant to UV and chemicals, our reinforced geo membrane baffle curtains are custom designed with mitered ends to match lagoon slopes, which can then be used to create treatment cells within existing lagoons and improve efficacy from influent to effluent by directing the flow of the wastewater. 

Each LET wastewater treatment process and technology, including our LemTec™ Hydraulic Baffle System, is custom designed with our Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach. The AILT approach allows us to integrate cutting edge technologies, such as our baffle system, in combination with over 30 years’ proven experience to deliver guaranteed results that meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Channeled Flow and Separate Treatment Cells to Maximize Performance

A common problem in lagoons without a LemTec™ Hydraulic Baffle System is short-circuiting as a result of wastewater moving directly from the influent pipe to the outfall structure without adequate detention time to achieve successful treatment levels. By diverting the wastewater and directing the flow to various cells and sections of a lagoon or pond for treatment, short-circuiting is eliminated and static or “dead” zones are prevented. The resulting increased hydraulic retention time and maximized treatment areas thus ensure that energy costs are reduced and the treatment process is maximized, able to meet increasingly stringent effluent limits. Baffled cells minimize the footprint necessary for maximum treatment, creating channeled flow and separate specific treatment zones to ensure effluent limits are met successfully.


LET is committed to continuously advancing wastewater treatment processes and related technologies, including the LemTec™ Hydraulic Baffle System. We do this by continuously improving and expanding upon our treatment designs and service offerings. Our “Circle of Innovation” philosophy ensures that the needs of our clients are met efficiently, effectively and cost-consciously as we work together with our municipal and industrial clients, protecting water resources now and for future generations.  

“The installation went very well, and the performance of the system has been excellent. We have been within our discharge limits since the installation, and have been more than satisfied with the performance of this system. I would most certainly recommend the LET system to other municipalities which use oxidation ponds and find themselves having problems with discharge limits.”

R. D., Louisiana – Municipal Operator

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