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Heat Retention

Integrating Lagoon Technologies to Solve Every Treatment Challenge from Influent to Effluent

In cold climates, lagoon wastewater treatment systems lose large amounts of heat through the water surface, adversely impacting the effectiveness of the system. As temperatures decrease during winter months, maintaining nitrification can prove challenging because cooler temperatures adversely affect the growth rate of nitrifiers. Nitrifying bacteria, also known as nitrifiers, facilitate the conversion of ammonia to nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3). With objective-based designs, LET is able to combine design elements and the most effective and efficient technologies for any client that contends with this issue. We ensure that the heat loss issue is resolved and that lagoons maintain the correct temperatures in any climate.

This 2-step biological nitrification process is key in maintaining adequate nitrification in your wastewater treatment plan to ensure that nitrogen associated with permit limits can be met. Our custom solutions ensure maximum heat retention in colder temperatures and are able to delivered guaranteed results when it comes to permit limits associated with nitrogen. These limits are met including Ammonia-Nitrogen (NH3-N) and Total Nitrogen (TN). The optimal temperature for nitrifiers is approximately 90°F (32°C) with the growth rate of nitrifiers decreasing by half with every 18°F (10°C) drop below the optimal temperature. If cooler wastewater temperatures decrease the growth rate enough, nitrifiers may be removed from the WWTP through sludge; wasting faster than they are replenished. Under this condition, NH3 breakthrough can occur which might potentially result in a permit violation.

Facing issues caused by decreased performance, costs and treatment time increasing, our clients know the LET solution will meet their needs and be optimal for the specific parameters of the site. The specialized LET design process ensures that the most effective treatment is delivered in the most cost-effective, energy efficient way, ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive solution that resolves their issue with heat loss.

With LET’s optimized insulated modular cover designs, we guarantee that our wastewater treatment systems will successfully maintain higher temperatures and help our clients achieve optimized performance in their lagoon or tank year-round. By maintaining higher water temperatures, LET stabilizes year-round bacteria populations which then deliver on LET’s promise to provide a solution with consistent and predictable effluent results.

Expertise as a leader in this industry for 30+ years, an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies and a groundbreaking approach set LET apart by delivering optimized solutions for wastewater applications including heat retention to meet clients’ objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. We maximize LET’s innovative technologies as stand-alone solutions or use the Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach to design and create the best process with technologies integrated as components that successfully meet every challenge from influent to effluent.

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