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LemTec™ Moving Bed Bioreactor Process

LET’s MBBR Process maximizes wastewater treatment capacity while minimizing size, cost and operator requirements.

The LemTec™ Moving Bed Bioreactor Process (MBBR) is a wastewater treatment system specifically designed to treat low flows of domestic, commercial, and light industrial wastewater ranging from 1,000 gallons to 50,000 gallons per day with minimal operator interface. The LET MBBR is a Single Pass Process that can be designed to upgrade or replace an existing treatment plant in order to meet more stringent effluent requirements. This simple yet sophisticated fixed film process delivers the nitrification, denitrification and organics removal to successfully meet treatment objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

LET’s proven MBBR Process is compact and powerful, proven to achieve year-round effluent limits as low as 10 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS and 2 mg/l NH3-N at a fraction of the cost to deliver guaranteed results. Our MBBR Process is a simple to operate technology that provides effective ongoing treatment, maximizing what this system has to offer. Designed for fluctuating flows, streamlined for results and simplicity with low operational demands, the LET MBBR delivers results with cost-efficiency guaranteed.

MBBR Bioreactor Schematic

Every LET MBBR is designed and installed to fit parameters specific to the individual client’s needs from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture, potable water denitrification, or used for tertiary and side stream applications.

Each simple yet sophisticated MBBR Process designed by LET includes three key components:

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Tanks or Septic Tanks
  • MBBR Technology Components
  • Settling Tanks

These key components are designed into each LET MBBR Process using our Advanced Integrated Treatment (AILT) approach. The AILT approach allows us to integrate cutting edge technologies in combination with over 30 years of proven experience to deliver guaranteed results as cost-effectively as possible for each individual LET client.

Exclusive LET Biofilm Process

Results Driven Treatment Process

In order to create a biofilm process; wastewater flows into the self-contained small flow bioreactor of the LemTec™ Moving Bed Bioreactor Process (MBBR) and then travels into an aeration tank filled with plastic media. That provides a surface where biofilm can grow. The media and biofilm growing upon it are then mixed by the LET aeration system within the MBBR, providing good contact between the substrate in the influent wastewater and the biomass on the media. The media is retained in the tank using durable, effective media retention screens.

Unlike other biofilm processes that experience bio clogging, the LET MBBR is a Single Pass Process. Therefore our MBBR system is not dependent on recycling of sludge to achieve treatment goals. With a highly effective sludge retention time (SRT) for maximum nitrification and lower sludge production, the MBBR is able to deliver guaranteed results independent of a secondary clarifier with minimal operator interface.

Advantages of the LET Biofilm Treatment Process

The LemTec™ Moving Bed Bioreactor Process (MBBR) is set apart from other conventional treatment options due to its ease of operation and ability to expand if necessary due to growth or regulations. The capacity of the MBBR can be easily upgraded by increasing the fill fraction of the biofilm carriers themselves without increasing the footprint or incurring costs from installing a new system.

This innovative fixed film process is a cost-effective and flexible means to address common wastewater effluent requirements. With the MBBR, LET achieves treatment objectives within a compact design, requiring minimal operator management and maintenance. Whether as a stand-alone product or component of an LET wastewater treatment process, the MBBR is able to ensure that we deliver wastewater treatment solutions to meet every challenge from influent to effluent.


LET is committed to advancing wastewater technologies and treatment processes, including the LemTec™ Moving Bed Bioreactor Process (MBBR), by continuously improving and expanding upon our treatment designs and service offerings. Our “Circle of Innovation” philosophy ensures that the needs of our clients are met efficiently, effectively and cost-consciously as we work together with our municipal and industrial clients, protecting water resources now and for future generations.

“Since installation, we have noticed excellent odor control, algae control and our effluent test levels are remarkable. To encourage the choice of Lemna Environmental Technologies products, we welcome anyone interested to tour our facilities and/or review our weekly test results.”

J.R., Iowa – LET Client

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