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Aerial view of water treatment facility

Municipal Market

Wastewater Solutions for Small Communities

LET supports small to mid-sized municipalities with wastewater treatment products and processes that are both affordable and innovative.

Our expertise is providing turnkey wastewater engineering design and installation services that meet the specific needs of our municipal clients.

​As effluent water quality regulations have become increasingly stringent, LET has developed unique treatment processes capable of achieving year-round effluent limits as low as 10 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS and 2 mg/l NH3-N at a fraction of the cost of other traditional wastewater treatment systems.

With a reduced footprint, guaranteed reliability, and simple operations, we provide the highest performance lagoon-based treatment systems in the world. Our solutions for the municipal market offer numerous advantages over other systems, including lower capital and operating costs, expandability and low maintenance. LET’s process expertise and full line of products meet the needs of the municipal market—whether the requirement is an upgrade to an existing wastewater treatment plant or a new facility.

The city purchased a turnkey wastewater facility over 20 years ago. I would recommend Lemna to any community or industry in need of water treatment.

~ J.M., North Dakota, LET Client