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Employees at a water treatment facility

Lemna Ownership Services

LET provides many services to ensure you continue to receive the highest value from your investment in our wastewater technologies. Lemna will work directly with you to customize a service that fits your needs and budget.

Service/Maintenance Agreements

Lemna offers short-term and long-term service maintenance programs that are customizable to extend the life of your wastewater systems. Many times, small communities do not have the manpower or resources to tackle more long-term maintenance needs. Lemna’s crew of expertly trained service and installation personnel can ensure your facility remains up to code.

Facility Upgrades

Changes to operating permits may require changes or upgrades to the treatment process. Lemna provides a complete line of technologies to address nearly any permit requirement the state or local agencies may require. Our engineering and operations staff can develop a comprehensive upgrade plan to make sure the technologies stay in compliance with future needs.

System Refurbishments

Sometimes simple equipment refurbishments or upgrades can provide significant extended operational life of the technology. Also, some other opportunities for refurbishment or technology upgrades may lead to lower operating and energy costs with very short payback to the community.

Facility Troubleshooting

Lemna’s staff of engineers and licensed wastewater operators can help troubleshoot performance issues, making sure the facility stays in compliance with state and local regulations. Our experience coupled with state-of-the-art modeling technologies can provide proper direction for your staff to make operational adjustments or possibly pinpoint other needs.

Operator Training

Staff turnover can be difficult for small communities. We can assist in providing operator training services to ensure the operations staff at your treatment plant has the knowledge and tools needed to maintain and operate their facility.

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