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LemTec™ Aeration Technology

LET Aeration Technologies promote biological oxidation and ensure that all water and microorganisms come into contact with oxygen, delivering maximum wastewater treatment results.

LemTec™ Aeration Technologies are a complete line of durable, dependable surface and sub-surface aeration technologies, comprised of high-quality fine bubble diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers and mixers that promote the oxygenation and circulation necessary to meet our clients’ treatment objectives. LET aeration technologies can also be retro-fitted or implemented as an adjustable stand-alone solution to address the needs of specific sites based on their individual parameters. 

Diffusers and mixers are important aeration elements to the successful, efficient biological treatment of wastewater. LemTec™ Aeration Technologies optimize LET treatment processes to ensure that all treatment objectives are met, which we custom-design using the Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach. The AILT approach allows us to integrate cutting edge technologies including LET’s complete line of aeration options in combination with over 30 years’ proven experience to deliver guaranteed results that meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Surface and Sub-Surface Aeration Technologies

Surface Aeration Technology

LET Surface Mixers agitate wastewater and allow it to come into contact with the air for effective, consistent oxygen transfer while creating controlled mixing patterns by effectively re-suspending solids and also eliminating the risk of short-circuiting. With a critical role in the biological treatment process, LET is able to achieve higher removal rates of BOD and suspended solids with easy to install, maintain and operate surface mixers.

Subsurface Aeration Technology

Exceptionally effective and energy-efficient, LET utilizes sub-surface Fine Bubble Diffusers to produce a large volume of tiny, slow-rising, buoyant bubbles that deliver substantial and efficient mass transfer of oxygen to the water, a key component in successfully treating wastewater.  Reliable and effective, the sub-surface Coarse Bubble Diffusers are an essential component to the treatment process as well, providing turbulence and mixing action that re-suspends settled solids. This extends and maximizes the treatment process, helping to ensure that LET customers are able to successfully meet increasingly stringent effluent limits. 


LET is committed to continuously advancing wastewater treatment processes and related technologies, including our LemTec™ Aeration Technologies. We do this by continuously improving and expanding upon our treatment designs and service offerings. Our “Circle of Innovation” philosophy ensures that the needs of our clients are met efficiently, effectively and cost-consciously as we work together with our municipal and industrial clients, protecting water resources now and for future generations. 

“Since installation, we have noticed excellent odor control, algae control and our effluent test levels are remarkable. To encourage the choice of Lemna Environmental Technologies products, we welcome anyone interested to tour our facilities and/or review our weekly test results.”

J.R., Iowa – LET Client

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