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Markets Overview

LET provides municipalities and industries with innovative wastewater solutions, including new construction and retrofits to existing systems.

Aerial view of water treatment facility


LET supports small to mid-sized municipalities with wastewater treatment products and processes that are both affordable and innovative.

Aerial view of a water treatment facility


LET supports multiple industries by providing innovative wastewater treatment products and processes that address critical environmental needs.

LET’s innovative wastewater treatment solutions offer the following advantages to municipal and industrial clients:​

  • Low Capital Costs: Within certain size and effluent ranges, LET’s solutions are frequently the lowest capital cost options of any other technology for new construction or retrofits.
  • Low Operational Cost: Due to the absence of sophisticated systems, equipment, and daily sludge disposal, LET represents the lowest operational cost option on the market.
  • High-Quality Effluent: LET’s proven technology meets even the most stringent effluent standards.
  • Ease of Operation: Since there are no complex operating parameters to monitor and adjust and no complicated sludge processing, lower-skilled operators are sufficient for effective operations.
  • Reduced Footprint: The area required for effective treatment is dramatically reduced because of the accelerated nature of our designs. This results in a reduction of land use, basin sizes, and overall capital cost.
  • Covered System Advantages: We offer many advantages over other systems, including the ability to nitrify and reduce ammonia year-round, algae reduction, evaporation control, and odor control. Our systems maintain higher temperatures than our competitors, accelerating treatment kinetics.
  • Reduced Sludge Handling: Since all our systems are designed to accommodate the accumulated sludge, sludge disposal is only necessary every five to twelve years, though actual time may vary due to client requirements. Compared to other systems where daily sludge handling is required, LET systems are easier and less costly to operate.
  • Flexibility: We provide a competitive solution for most municipal, industrial, new construction, or retrofit applications. The reliability and stability of the process allows for hydraulic loading variations, temperature fluctuations and organic surges more effectively than other technologies.
  • Expandability: Often times, our design can be expanded in the future to allow to accommodate increased flow or more stringent effluent standards with a minimal amount of capital cost. Other systems typically cannot expand without major capital outlays.