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Biogas Collection & Utilization

Integrating Lagoon Technologies to Solve Every Treatment Challenge from Influent to Effluent

LET Gas Containment, Collection and Utilization Covers are known as the ultimate solution for virtually any anaerobic wastewater treatment system application. They ensure that LET clients are able to meet waste and nutrient management regulations specific to the wide range of industries we have worked extensively with for more than 30 years.

Anaerobic digestion is the natural process which creates biogas from agricultural waste materials such as animal manure, crop straw, and by-products from food industries. Livestock and crop producers count on LET to custom-design the optimal gas cover technology to best meet their needs. In addition, they take advantage of our sustainable solutions of collecting and re-using fertilizers or farm ecosystem, while helping to avoid contamination of surface and ground waters as well as emissions of odors and greenhouse gasses.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment systems and other industrial byproducts can create significant amounts of problematic odors. At the same time it is offering a valuable renewable energy resource that many LET clients in agriculture and industry take advantage of by utilizing an LET gas cover system. When tailoring a LET biogas solution, all factors are considered to ensure that the system is optimized in terms of performance, efficiency and cost for each individual client. Factors such as extreme water level fluctuations within a basin or tank, penetrations for mixing equipment or maintenance, or service requirements of the digester itself are carefully considered, along with other environmental factors, to deliver the most comprehensive solution available.

Whether for odor control or digester gas reuse applications in ponds or steel and concrete tanks, our cost-effective, simple-to-install system is a turnkey approach that delivers. With an extensive background in wastewater process design, LET engineers tailor each gas cover or collection system to provide years of high performance and virtually maintenance free operations while meeting the needs within each unique protects’ parameters.

LET assists in the proper selection of compatible geo membranes for each application to ensure years of uninterrupted operation. LET clients involved in all areas of agriculture and across industries of every kind successfully meet their objectives on time and under budget with the high quality gas cover technologies designed and delivered by LET.

To ensure a long lifespan of the system for maximum return on investment, LET gas cover technologies employ lateral floats to keep the entire cover floating on the surface of the water, which eliminates cover inflation and exposure to wind damage that would otherwise shorten the system’s lifespan and hinder the ability to maximize the eco-friendly energy source that often accompanies anaerobic digester biogas storage.

Biogas recovery is a proven technology used in sectors such as food processing, wastewater treatment and farms including cattle, hog and poultry farms. To collect biogas for re-use properly, some renewable energies even qualifying for carbon credits with the collected biogas, and channel it to a draw-off location where it can be effectively controlled and utilized. When the biogas exits the basin through perimeter piping, it can then be flared or used as fuel. Learn more about biogas recovery, including benefits of doing so and guidelines as well as permitting requirements on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website: You are welcome to contact the LET Office to find out more about how we can help you maximize what your byproducts have to offer.

Expertise as a leader in this industry for 30+ years, an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies and a groundbreaking approach set LET apart by delivering optimized solutions for wastewater applications including biogas collection and utilization to meet clients’ objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

We maximize LET’s innovative technologies as stand-alone solutions or use the Advanced Integrated Lagoon Technologies (AILT) approach to design and create the best process with technologies integrated as components that successfully meet every challenge from influent to effluent.

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