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American Crystal Sugar Company – East Grand Forks, MN


American Crystal Sugar Company


East Grand Forks, MN


American Crystal Sugar Company is an agricultural cooperative corporation owned by sugarbeet growers in Minnesota and North Dakota. The growers who grow and harvest the sugarbeets also own the company, including the factories that make sugar and other products. As part of its corporate mission, American Crystal Sugar is committed to reducing the overall effect of its operations on the environment and surrounding communities. Looking for new ways to reduce air emissions, improve water quality, and reduce energy requirements, American Crystal Sugar turned to Lemna Environmental Technologies (LET) to help capture gas from an anaerobic digester at its East Grand Forks, Minnesota facility.


LemTec™ Gas Collection Covers provide the ultimate solution for applications requiring complete gas containment and gas collection, whether solely for odor control, or for digester gas reuse applications, in ponds or steel/concrete tanks. The LemTec™ Gas Collection Cover System designed for American Crystal Sugar was designed to meet the factory’s unique requirements for covering a large, steel, 180′ diameter anaerobic tank used in a cold climate during year round operations. LET’s engineers used their extensive background in wastewater process design to create a gas cover system guaranteed to provide American Crystal Sugar with years of high performance and virtually maintenance-free operation.


Anaerobic digester performance typically decreases in colder climates like those found in Minnesota. However, the LET gas collection cover designed for American Crystal Sugar is insulated to retain the higher temperatures critical to digester performance. The LET custom design was also able to meet American Crystal Sugar’s unique requirements, such as water level fluctuations within the tank, and needing the ability for sections of the cover to be removed for the maintenance and service of the digester itself. LET’s experienced installation crew ensured that LemTec™ Gas Collection system was installed correctly and within schedule. With a long life expectancy, the LemTec™ Gas Collection will provide years of service and effective gas collection for the brewing company.

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