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Aerial view of Senath Missouri including a view of the water tower

Senath, MO Wastewater Treatment Plant


A small community in rural Dunklin county


Senath, MO


BOD, TSS, Ammonia treatment


LBTP Lagoon Wastewater Treatment


The City of Senath, a small, rural community in Dunklin County, located in the Bootheel of the State of Missouri, was faced with upgrading its existing lagoon treatment system to accommodate higher flows and to meet more stringent effluent limits. Looking to accomplish treatment in an as efficient and cost-effective manner as possible, the City considered a conventional package plant but found it to be prohibitively expensive.


An aerated lagoon system was favored because of its ability to provide flexibility in accommodating fluctuation flows, varying BOD, TSS, and Ammonia loading as well as simple operations. Accommodation for future growth of the City, electrical consumption, low maintenance, versatility and projected system performance were also criteria for the success of the project.


Lemna Technologies’ unique LemTecTM Biological Treatment Process (LBTP) was chosen as a solution for the City’s needs for a number of reasons. The LBTP is an aerated lagoon system capable of delivering exceptional BOD, TSS and Ammonia treatment in a smaller footprint than a traditional lagoon at a lower cost than a traditional package plant. The LBTP installed at Senath, utilizes one lagoon sized to handle a design flow of .250 MGD. The aerated lagoon is 12.0 ft deep with a detention time of 16.6 days and is divided into three cells by using Lemna’s Reverse Miter Hydraulic Baffle, which is custom designed to minimize short-circuiting between each cell. The entire lagoon wastewater treatment system is covered by Lemna’s LemTec™ Insulated Modular Cover rated at R8. The covers provide an integral component to the treatment system by maintaining warmer temperatures in the colder winter months, which enables nitrification to occur. The Lemna Polishing Reactor (LPR) follows the settling cells and provides additional BOD and Ammonia treatment.


The LBTP installed in Senath is an effective, reliable, and affordable aerated lagoon based biological treatment process capable of achieving year-round effluent limits as low as 10 mg/l BOD, 10 mg/l TSS and 1 mg/l NH3-N at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical system. With a reduced footprint, a process that is extremely reliable, and simple to operate, the LBTP is the highest-performance aerated lagoon system in the world and offers numerous advantages over other systems, including lower capital and operating costs, expandability, and low maintenance.

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